Pre-order the new Glass Museum album

Posted on 12/02/2020

The album 'Reykjavik' due March 27th on vinyl/cd/digital is now available for pre-order on our Bandcamp:

Reykjavik prevails at the intersection of classical music, electronics and jazz, a chiaroscuro whose highlights are defined by their energy and vibrant colour. Across this second album, Grégoire and Flipo have created their own musical universe to create an authentic musical identity. They “want to bring sounds to life”.

Opening with the grandiose album title track ‘Reykjavik’, this virtuoso pairing’s sound effortlessly combines piano with drums, jazz with electronica, and delicacy with dynamism, while new single ‘Abyss’, floats along on a wave of melancholy and optimism, where rhythm and melody collide to provide a cinematic experience.

Glass Museum is the ultimate modern marriage between pure traditional jazz, orchestral arrangements, and the mathematics of electronic music.