All Things Sdban with Bandler Ching & Adja

Posted on 25/01/2023

Sdban Records, the Ghent-based label known for its contemporary jazz focus, is excited to announce the upcoming label night "All Things Sdban" on March 15. The event, in partnership with Democrazy, will take place at De Centrale in Ghent and will feature performances by new and promising acts, as well as exclusive merchandise, vinyl, and DJ sets.

Bandler Ching and Adja are the headliners of the night. Bandler Ching is a Brussels-based band led by composer and saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper, which infuses contemporary jazz, electronica, trap, hip hop and global beats, while preserving a freedom of expression and improvisation. On January 27, they will release their debut album "Coaxial" via Sdban Ultra .

Adja is a Brussels-based singer and performer Adja Fassa, a promising artist and winner of the music contest Sound Track, influenced by jazz, soul, and gospel. Her debut EP 'IRONEYE' will be released on February 24 via Sdban Ultra.

Sdban Records, started in 2014 with the legendary Funky Chicken compilation, is now one of the leading labels for Belgian jazz and grooves, as well as an important tastemaker in the contemporary Belgian jazz scene, with acts like Black Flower, Compro Oro, De Beren Gieren and ECHT! on its roster.

The "All Things Sdban" event promises to be a night of fantastic music and exclusive experiences for fans of the label. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting night on March 15th.

Tickets can be bought here: