Lefto presents Jazz Cats is back with volume 3!

‘Lefto presents Jazz Cats’ is back with volume 3 and still doing what it does best: putting you in the front row of what the thriving Belgian jazz scene currently has to offer and revealing a melting pot of the musical talent coming out one of the smallest countries in Europe. Never change a... Read more 03/05/2024

Oriana Ikomo releases music video IMMA PLEASER

  IMMA PLEASER transcends boundaries, celebrates authenticity and female empowerment. The IMMA PLEASER music video is a captivating portrayal of raw emotion and unyielding authenticity, Directed by filmmaker Ila Pittaluga (Enfants Terrible Films) and Oriana Ikomo herself. From its opening scene to... Read more 02/05/2024

Butt-shaking boogie & weird disco adventures from the 80's on the newly released Harde Smart volume 2

Did you know that for decades, record collectors across the Dutch-speaking region have overlooked a significant portion of their own musical heritage while avidly searching for rare grooves and breaks in bins filled with more exotic music? It's a fact! And that's where Harde Smart comes in. After... Read more 19/04/2024

The new M.CHUZI EP is out now!

Yiri? Yiri! BOOM! A year and a half after their debut on Sdban Ultra, the Brussels-based afro-groove formation M.CHUZI returns with a stunning EP. 'Yiri BOOM!' offers a variety of summery sauces to season this spring with its refreshing sound, catchy songs, and some notable features. Captivated by... Read more 12/04/2024

Sdban at the 58th Mega Record Fair in Den Bosch (NL)

Dear vinyl junks, Just a quick message to let you know that it's that time of the year again! We are returning to Den Bosch (Netherlands) for the Mega record Fair, where you can find us at stall number 467. We have the Sdban (Ultra) catalogue and products for sale, along with a selection of new... Read more 10/04/2024