Azmari shares second track from debut album

Posted on 10/12/2020

'Azalaï' is the second track we get to share from Azmari's debut album Samā’ī  to be released January 22nd. The album marks a long desert crossing where ethiogroove, dub, psychfunk and oriental sounds merge.

'Azalaï' is a word that refers to the Tuareg commercial caravans that crossed the Sahara desert twice a year for almost 1000 kilometers to transport salt between Taoudéni and Timbuktu. To accompany this epic journey, the group uses the saz Bağlama and the kaval, two instruments they brought back with them from a tour date in Istanbul and then integrated into their universe. These instruments enter into communion taking us, thanks to a frenetic rhythm section, into an intoxicating trance …

Discover it here: