Bandler Ching release a second teaser of their latest album 'Coaxial'

Posted on 05/12/2022


After a period of exploration, the Bandler Ching are set to release their debut album ‘Coaxial’ on January 27 via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra label. ‘Dag Na Naamdag’ is the second single from the album. A track composed collectively, highlighting the progressive side of the band and shows a nice mix of electronic and acoustic elements. Inspired by warm wintery memories and wild summery dreams.

Hailing from Brussels, Bandler Ching is a creation of musical ideas from composer and saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper (Kosmo Sound, Azmari and Mos Ensemble).

Flawlessly blending contemporary jazz, electronics, trap, hip-hop and global beats, the sound is based around the freedom of expression and improvisation and performed with astounding conviction. With the help of Alan Van Rompuy (Azertyklavierwerke), Federico Pecoraro (ECHT!) and Olivier Penu (Kel Assouf), the four idiosyncratic artists come together to express their musical identity to dazzling effect.