Dishwasher_ tease another track from upcoming album

Posted on 24/03/2023

Today Ghent-based trio Dishwasher_ release ‘Buraq’, the third teaser of the upcoming self-titled debut album that's set for release on April 14.
With ‘Buraq’, Dishwasher_ prove how they always cleverly bring a full and dynamic sound as only a trio. Quickly, the bass transforms itself into a melodic guitar, even taking on the leading melody in the chorus with the saxophone spreading warm textures in the background. As for the drums, influences turn out to be hip-hop, jungle, UK bass and more 90’s styled beats. Warm, groovy and slightly melancholic.

With their electronic influences and genre-blending approach, Dishwasher_ is quickly becoming a prominent force in the Belgian groove and jazz scene. Don't miss out on their debut album and keep an eye out for these young and promising jazz cats.