Glass Museum celebrate 1-year anniversary of “Reflet” with a piano rework of “Caillebotis”

Posted on 25/05/2023

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the release of their album "Reflet," Glass Museum unveil a solo piano rearrangement of the opening track "Caillebotis." The piano, carefully prepared to achieve a sonic sensation close to that of piano hammers, is wrapped with fabric between the hammers and the strings, creating a muted sound that feels intimate to the listener. The notes resonate with emotional depth, inviting you to get lost in an atmospheric ambiance and be carried away by the soaring lyricism.

The video is filmed in the group's studio, through the bevel of a mirror, creating an image diffraction that adds an intriguing visual dimension to this interpretation of the piece. 

Check the video and listen here: