M.CHUZI - Papara: the debut album

Posted on 04/11/2022

We couldn't be more excited to present you M.CHUZI's long awaited debut album 'Papara'.

On the isle of Crete, the ancient practice of dipping your bread in different sauces and dips is called “papara”. True to its music-as-sauce philosophy, Brussels-based groove formation M.CHUZI invites you to dip your ear into the sonic sauces that are on offer in its versatile menu.

Released 4th November via Sdban Ultra, the collective’s debut album ‘Papara’ is an inviting mouthful of afro rhythms, funk, and prog jazz, combined with the spacey soundscapes of the Brussels metropole, as they look to Fela Kuti’s afrobeat style for inspiration.

Available now on exclusive colored vinyl, regular vinyl LP, CD and all digital formats.