New AI-Generated Video For 'Cheesecake' By ECHT! And Super Tchip

Posted on 02/06/2023

Futuristic Brussels based four-piece ECHT! impress once again with their latest AI-produced music video for the track "Cheesecake", which is part of their recently released album ‘Sink-along’ (Sdban Ultra).


Going beyond mere gimmicks or PR stunts, the collaboration with artificial intelligence (AI) embodies the band's philosophy centered around the intriguing interplay between humans and machines, resulting in a visually stunning and always thought-provoking creation.


The "Cheesecake" music video showcases the artistic vision of ECHT! while exploring the uncharted territory of AI-driven video production. The band, renowned for crafting compositions that bear a striking resemblance to computer-generated sounds despite being performed using traditional instruments, has entrusted the machine with the creation of their latest visual masterpiece, effectively flipping the roles between humans and technology.


To bring their concept to life, ECHT! partnered with Super Tchip, a visionary video artist and creative force behind the project. Yoann Stehr, the mastermind behind Super Tchip, expressed his excitement about experimenting with AI in video production, stating, "We've been wanting to explore the possibilities of AI for video production at SUPER TCHIP for a long time. When ECHT! offered us the opportunity to work on the 'CHEESECAKE' track, we immediately seized the chance to try out this new tool."


About the video Yoann states that “AI is just another new and more accidental way of working that offers many possibilities. Every image it generates, regardless of the limitations we set, is a very pleasant surprise. Therefore, the main focus of this music video was to embrace and manipulate these accidents—to diminish or combine them. We haven't quite found the perfect cheesecake recipe yet, but here's a gluten-free suggestion.”