New single and video for Glass Museum

Posted on 25/02/2022

"Caillebotis" are wooden panels - gathered up to form planks - used for external flooring. In 2020, Glass Museum went on an album writing retreat in the Hautes Fagnes in Belgium. In the region, Caillebotis are lined up on the side of winding paths for kilometers, overlooking rivers and marshy grounds.

 These autumnal landscapes have led the duo back to its source of inspiration: the organic element and acoustic music. "Caillebotis" is the outcome of long reflexions, a return to a more minimalistic and intimate sound, stripped down, crafted by the acoustic piano and drums. The foundation of the track is laid by a repetitive muffled piano strings sound onto which the drums progressively build up. On top emerges the double bass of Brieuc Angenot who ties the track together.

 The live session video was directed by Anthony Henry in the "Henry Le Bœuf" auditorium in Bozar - Brussels, a highly symbolic stage stamped by history.