STUFF. shares new track and video from upcoming album

Posted on 05/02/2021

‘Honu’ is taken from the forthcoming STUFF. album to be released via Sdban Ultra. The video is made by, and is based on the Guy Vandenbranden, ‘Composition’ artwork from 1967 ( celluloid on panel, 182.2 x 183.5 cm, Collection Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp - Courtesy Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery / Estate Guy Vandenbranden).

The video clip was inspired by the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (hence the title). By combining 70-ish graphics with this wondrous creature, the visual takes you on an exciting and nostalgic, mind and ear pleasing trip. ‘Honu’ is an elegant visual in retrofuturistic style, subjecting precise compositions to a warm, fuzzy feeling.