Sdban joins forces with Stuk Café, Leuven for three nights full of jazz talent!

From mid-April, we have the honour of curating a number of live shows at STUK in Leuven. Expect performances by Oriana Ikomo, Orson Claeys & selector Henri Hinke who will play his favourite selection of our catalogue. Sdban Records and the Jazz on Sunday concept in STUK, Leuven join forces to bring you a programme full of jazz talent! The recipe of the concept remains unchanged: almost every... Read more March 31 2024

De Beren Gieren release new album What Eludes Us

Two and a half years after their acclaimed last release 'Less Is Endless', De Beren Gieren (“The Bear Vultures”)  have finished their seventh full album. What Eludes Us is an ode to what escapes us and what we consciously want to look away from. For this new full album, the band left aside the unimaginable beauty of the Norwegian fjords and crawled into a dusty recording studio in Bergen harbour... Read more March 29 2024

Adja selected by Impala as one of the 100 Artists to Watch for 2024

For the third year in a row, IMPALA returns with its highly anticipated 100 Artists to Watch 2024 edition in collaboration with YouTube. This year, we're excited to announce that Adja is selected as one of the artists to watch for 2024 among the vibrant selection of emerging talent from across the European independent music sector. Curated by IMPALA’s members and wider network. This pan-European... Read more March 28 2024

Oriana Ikomo's new EP is out now!

Embark on a soul-stirring voyage with Oriana Ikomo as she unveils "THE HEALING", an EP that encapsulates the profound metamorphosis she has undergone in recent years. This musical journey is an ode to personal empowerment, and Oriana's resilience echoes through each note and lyric. The EP unfolds with a powerful, ethereal introduction where the piano and Oriana's soulful voice are in the center.... Read more March 22 2024

Ahead of the album release at the end of March, De Beren Gieren release second single 'Papir Freedom'

Ahead of the album release at the end of March, De Beren Gieren release second single 'Papir Freedom'. With Papir Freedom, De Beren Gieren tell a coming-of-age story about paper. At last, paper takes matters into its own hands, escaping the manipulation of humans who embellish and bedazzle it with text, numbers, scribbles, and drawings. We run after it, we try to catch it, but it outsmarts us.... Read more March 08 2024