KAU finally release debut album

KAU is an instrumental trio based in Brussels. Representing various European backgrounds, the Belgian capital and melting pot proves to be a never-ending source of inspiration for the band. Taking influences from jazz, groove, and dance music, their aim is simple but straightforward: to make your heads bob. Their formula to do so has been the same since their early days: improvisation, never-... Read more September 21 2023

Khamsin is a second teaser from Azmari’s new album ‘Maelström’ (out October 20)

With a moody and entrancing introduction followed by a steady groove, 'Khamsin' emerges as the second teaser and second track from Azmari's highly anticipated upcoming album, 'Maelström.' Embark on a captivating journey into a Middle Eastern universe where diverse cultures and mesmerizing vibes collide, forming a stunning multiverse of sound. 'Khamsin' is a masterful fusion of jazz textures and... Read more September 15 2023

John Ghost release The Quantities

'The Quantities' is the second single from 'Thin Air . Mirror Land', the new album by John Ghost, which will be out on October 20 via Sdban Ultra. The single 'The Dimmed' was released earlier and received airplay on BBC6, Soho Radio, Blue:in Green Radio, and Jam RTBF. Next to that there was editorial support from Cast The Dice, Written in Music and The Organ. 'The Quantities' is a... Read more September 07 2023

KAU unveil Amulet, the second teaser of their upcoming album

KAU are a Brussels-based trio of childhood friends with a pan-European identity, whose music reflects the city they grew up in: unapologetic, richly diverse, and with a spontaneous groove underlining it all. With their new album “The Cycle Repeats”, to be released on September 22 via the groove-obsessed label Sdban Ultra, they directly aim for your dancing shoes and souls. The song “Amulet” is... Read more September 01 2023

Azmari are back with “Sheep Party”, a first teaser from new album ‘Maelström’ (out in October)

(c) Monday Jr. Founded in the vibrant musical haven of Brussels in 2015, Azmari have been crafting a truly unique tapestry of musical exploration. Melding intricate jazz textures with intoxicating oriental influences, mesmerizing ethio grooves, enigmatic dark funk, and the pulsating beats of dub music, Azmari defies conventional labels to weave a narrative of sonic innovation and artistic... Read more August 18 2023