OUT NOW: John Ghost - Airships Are Organisms

Posted on 27/09/2019
John Ghost - Airships Are Organisms vinyl

John Ghost's new album 'Airships Are Organisms' is out now!
Grab your copy here: https://sdbanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/airships-are-organisms

Created around the Ghent guitarist and composer Jo De Geest, the Belgian sextet draw on influences from jazz, rock and post-classical music, where minimalism, electronics and a cinematic atmosphere characterize their instrumental music.

Tracks like 13-minute album opener ‘Deconstructing Hymns’, keep a fine balance between moments of abstraction and repetition while recent single ‘Disfunctional Rabbits: The Disfunction’ is an intoxicating, dreamy soundscape that alternates between balanced jazz fluctuations and space-like grooves.

Elsewhere, the idiosyncratic ‘The Fallen Colony’, spirals into a progressive narrative of experimentation and improvisation, a common thread throughout large parts of John Ghost’s music, before the haunting ‘Drones For a Sunken Mothership’, combines soaring bowed melodies and broken beats that is not only mesmeric but filled with breathtaking majesty.

‘Airships Are Organisms’ was produced by Jørgen Træen (Jaga Jazzist, Kaizers Orchestra, Hubro, Sondre Lerche,...).

Artwork by Syrian visual artist Mohammed Zaza, currently living and working in Lausanne.