Glass Museum shares ‘Clothing’, third single from ‘Reykjavik’, out April 24th

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Posted on 02/04/2020

Glass Museum is the ultimate modern marriage between pure traditional jazz, orchestral arrangements, and the mathematics of electronic music. April 24th their second album ‘Reykjavik’ will be released via Sdban Ultra, but today they release their third single ‘Clothing’.

‘Clothing’ was composed as a live remix of Glass Museum’s formal track ‘Opening’, the opening piece to their first album ‘DEUX’. The idea was to give ‘Opening’ another dimension when playing it live by accelerating the arpeggiator of the original track, adding a groovy, downtempo beat in the first part, and concluding the live performances with a regular techno beat that would give an electronic / dancy sensation. After re-thinking the final result, Glass Museum decided to give that version its own life in the studio and so it became ‘Clothing’, deflecting ‘Closing’ to a tribute to the orange cloth presented on the album cover of Reykjavik.

Glass Museum also recorded a beautiful videoclip, directed by Simon Medard. Simon comments: “The images that served as my material for this clip were filmed in the countryside of northern Vietnam during the art residency live.make.share in October and November 2019. In the first part I wanted to highlight simple and sweet things from nature: the tiny, the light and the living as textures, materials offered by the context in which these images were captured. Then, the sequence is more complex, more saturated, more urban too in order to highlight the side effects of the lives of human beings.

In general, the clip invites us to bond and communicate with nature. To open our eyes to the organic, to the details that surround us. To reconnect with the idea of being more grounded but also more active, more creative with our environment. Leave our self-centered objectives to return to the collective and to a fair questioning as to our place on this planet."

Listen here:

Watch the videoclip here: