New single by M.CHUZI featuring Nabou Claerhout

Posted on 19/08/2022

'Mammoet' is the new single from groove machine M.CHUZI!

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'Mammoet' will be featured on the collective’s debut album ‘Papara’r eleased November 4th via Sdban Ultra, an inviting mouthful of afro rhythms, funk, and prog jazz, combined with the spacey soundscapes of the Brussels metropole, as they look to Fela Kuti’s afrobeat style for inspiration.

‘Mammoet’ features Nabou Claerhout, thé rising star of the Belgian jazz scene. She is not only an exceptional jazz trombone player and composer, but also manifests a vibrant personality and exciting creativity. As a friend of the band, it was logical she needed to feature on the album. Which she did with splendour!