Buy The Dip, the new album by Compro Oro is out now

Posted on 02/09/2022

We are so excited & proud to present 'Buy The Dip', the critically acclaimed new album from Compro Oro music

Ghent based latin jazz collective Compro Oro,are set to release new album ‘Buy The Dip’ on the 2ndSeptember via the groove-obsessedSdban Ultra label.Having received critical acclaim for their 2020 album‘Simurg’–a collaboration withMurat Ertel, co-founder and frontman of Istanbul's cult psychedelic folk band BaBa ZuLa and his singer partner Esma Ertel–the band’s fifth albumis less ethno-and more techno-logy,both on a musical and conceptual level.

Available now on vinyl LP, CD and various digital platforms.