Condor Gruppe's new album 'Gulliver' is out now

Posted on 23/09/2022

‘Gulliver’, the latest Condor Gruppe album, is a nod to yet another spiritual journey in the band’s ever-evolving saga. Released 23rd September via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra, the Antwerp-based nine-piece ensemble take you on a hypnotic trip, paying tribute to obscure Italian 70s film soundtracks, krautrock and psychedelic grooves. Fuse the melancholy of Pink Floyd, the heroism of Ennio Morricone and the world grooves of GOAT and you get an idea of what Condor Gruppe is.
Always looking to push musical boundaries, Condor Gruppe rely on the adventurous use of their instruments and their intriguing musical patter. Melancholic, exotic, surreal, the band’s sound is enriched by instruments including the handpan, Jew’s harp, darbouka and tanpura. Diverse sounds, rhythms and melodies build, exciting the listener whilst always remaining familiar. From the thunderous, spacious prog rock sounds of ‘What Could Have Been’, to the loose, laidback grooves of the mystical ‘Farid’ and groovy ‘Rhymes On Our Mind’, ‘Gulliver’ is a soundtrack for visits to far-flung places and a mesmerizing trip through the band’s own record shelves.

Condor Gruppe are; Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen (guitar), Jan Wygers (bass), Krist Torfs (drums), Kris Delacourt (keys, guitar), Milan Warmoeskerken (guitar), Dirk Timmermans (trumpet, percussion), Matti Willems (sax, percussion), Nicolas Mortelmans (sitar, percussion) and Hanne De Backer (Baritone Sax).