A first glance at Adja's debut EP

Posted on 25/11/2022



Adja is Brussels-based creator, singer and performer Adja Fassa, an artist rapidly making a name for herself in Belgium and a multidisciplinary with big plans. On the 24th February, she is set to release her debut EP ‘IRONEYE’ via the groove-obssessed Sdban Ultra. We get a first glimpse in the form of the intriguing track 'Told you so'.

About the single, she states: “‘Told you so’ is a song about integrity. In a way, I feel blessed with a curse. The curse of rapid failure when I deviate from what is true to me: It seems that, whenever I am - purposely or unpurposely - dishonest with myself, I crash and burn really fast. A blessing in that sense that it seems my Soul's purpose does not let me waste time, a curse because it means that the teachings of life rarely feel like a gentle push and often like a slap in the face.”

Keep an eye on this lady, that's for sure!