Bandler Ching release third single "Smooch" from upcoming debut album "Coaxial"

Posted on 06/01/2023

Bandler Ching, a musical collaboration of composer and saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper (Kosmo Sound, Azmari and Mos Ensemble) and fellow artists Alan Van Rompuy (Azertyklavierwerke), Federico Pecoraro (ECHT!) and Olivier Penu (Kel Assouf), has unveiled the third single "Smooch" from their upcoming debut album "Coaxial."

The single, which started off as a dense composition but evolved into a pleasant whirlpool of synths and an 80s touch, provides the soundtrack for a romantic trip in a microscopic world. Bandler Ching's sound is a flawless blend of contemporary jazz, electronics, trap, hip-hop and global beats, rooted in the freedom of expression and improvisation.

The highly-anticipated debut album "Coaxial" is set to be released on January 27th via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra label.

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