Dishwasher_ release ‘Terra’, the second teaser of their upcoming abum

Posted on 17/02/2023

After recently being featured on "Lefto Presents Jazz Cats volume 2", Ghent-based trio, Dishwasher_, is set to release their self-titled debut album in April 2023 via Sdban Ultra. The album promises to be a unique and diverse collection of groove-driven cuts, showcasing the band's experimentation with various genres to create a contemporary sound that is truly their own. Today they release ‘Terra’, the second teaser of the album. 
‘Terra’ is a quest for the two-part harmony typical for Balkan and Turkish (folk) music. Traditionally played by a solo clarinet, the trio transfer the poly-harmonic approach to saxophone in their very own way (well heard in the intro, solo and outro). This 11-minute tune alters tribal grooves with vibrating basses, trap inspired beats and some more melancholic parts, showcasing the overarching sound for their full debut album in one eclectic composition.
With their electronic influences and genre-blending approach, Dishwasher_ is quickly becoming a prominent force in the Belgian groove and jazz scene. Don't miss out on their debut album and keep an eye out for new music coming out the coming months. 

Discover it here: