All Things Sdban part 2 with schroothoop & Dishwasher_

Posted on 11/05/2023

After a great night with Bandler Ching and Adja, we are very excited for the second edition of All Things Sdban on May 17. The event, in partnership with Democrazy, will once again take place at De Centrale in Gent and will feature performances by new and promising acts, as well as exclusive merchandise, vinyl, and DJ sets. On the bill: Dishwasher_ and schroothoop.


Dishwasher_ are the latest disciples of yet another new wave of talent in the fertile Belgian groove and jazz scene. It would, however, be a shame to limit them to the constraints of any given musical style. Ever since their formation in 2019, the Ghent-based trio have been experimenting with all possible genres to create a contemporary sound they can now rightfully call their own. With their self-titled debut album, to be released in April 2023 via Sdban Ultra, they are closing off an impressive first chapter, delivering a unique and diverse yet coherent collection of groove-driven cuts.


Belgian junk jazz trio schroothoop (which translates as ‘junk yard’) bring together multi-instrumentalists Rik Staelens (wind & string instruments), Timo Vantyghem (bass & thumb piano) and Margo Maex (percussion). After ‘Klein Gevaarlijk Afval’ (Rebel Up, Stadskanker), heir new album called ‘MACADAM’ will be out on April 7 via Sdban Records.

schroothoop explore the vast sounds of discarded objects found on the macadam streets of Brussels. Wooden crates turn into guitars and lyres. Scrap metal becomes a thumb piano, a cimbalom, or percussion bells. Their compelling collection of semi-improvised songs is born out of several fruitful residencies and live performances during which Margo Maex, Rik Staelens and Timo Vantyghem dive deeper into the possibilities and unique timbres of their DIY instruments.

Tickets for the event can be bought here.