KAU unveil Amulet, the second teaser of their upcoming album

Posted on 01/09/2023

KAU are a Brussels-based trio of childhood friends with a pan-European identity, whose music reflects the city they grew up in: unapologetic, richly diverse, and with a spontaneous groove underlining it all. With their new album “The Cycle Repeats”, to be released on September 22 via the groove-obsessed label Sdban Ultra, they directly aim for your dancing shoes and souls.

The song “Amulet” is the second teaser of the new album and is a perfect demonstration of what it sounds like. It pays homage to one of KAU's significant inspirations: breakbeats and fast-paced grooves. From the very first bass notes, the track immerses listeners in an electrifying sonic landscape, propelling them skyward on synchronized kicks and mesmerizing melodies. With an infusion of UK-bass-inspired wobbles, "Amulet" builds an irresistible momentum, captivating the senses and inviting the audience to surrender to its sonic allure.

The full album is due on September 22 on SDBAN Ultra, the home of ECHT!, Black Flower, Glass Museum, STUFF. and more. It represents a milestone in the band’s musical journey: it’s their firm decision to present a strong and unified trio playing music that stands out through the combination of 80’s synths, acoustic drums, and electric bass. Moreover, the album succeeds in capturing the energy of their infectious and legendary live shows. What’s more, the three boys' long-lasting friendship is at the heart of it all, always relying on what brings them together: their love for music.

The KAU cycle is bound to repeat itself and to birth something new - over and over again.