John Ghost release The Quantities

Posted on 07/09/2023

'The Quantities' is the second single from 'Thin Air . Mirror Land', the new album by John Ghost, which will be out on October 20 via Sdban Ultra. The single 'The Dimmed' was released earlier and received airplay on BBC6, Soho Radio, Blue:in Green Radio, and Jam RTBF. Next to that there was editorial support from Cast The Dice, Written in Music and The Organ.

'The Quantities' is a sonic journey that'll take you from the heart of the Middle East, with a spicy 'Dune' vibe, to a futuristic, mechanical wonderland that's bursting with bombastic vibes. John Ghost is all about mixing it up, and this track is no exception. They're throwing down a wild combo of acoustic instruments and electronic wizardry. In this sonic whirlwind, you'll catch ethereal melodies dancing freely amidst the relentless, never-ending machine.

But what's the message, you ask? 'The Quantities' is all about that rat race we call society, always chasing after 'growth' and drowning in an ocean of information. It's a reminder of the never-ending grind, where our expectations keep getting higher, and our connection with Mother Nature fades into the background. So, strap in, because 'The Quantities' is your ticket to a dystopian world where the light, luckily, never fades.

Listen here: