Khamsin is a second teaser from Azmari’s new album ‘Maelström’ (out October 20)

Posted on 15/09/2023

With a moody and entrancing introduction followed by a steady groove, 'Khamsin' emerges as the second teaser and second track from Azmari's highly anticipated upcoming album, 'Maelström.' Embark on a captivating journey into a Middle Eastern universe where diverse cultures and mesmerizing vibes collide, forming a stunning multiverse of sound. 'Khamsin' is a masterful fusion of jazz textures and intoxicating oriental influences, weaving a musical tapestry that transcends boundaries.

The Brussels-based five-piece band  Azmari have once again created a joyous listening experience that transcends space and time, leaving you wanting for more (a full album perhaps).