KAU finally release debut album

Posted on 21/09/2023

KAU is an instrumental trio based in Brussels. Representing various European backgrounds, the Belgian capital and melting pot proves to be a never-ending source of inspiration for the band. Taking influences from jazz, groove, and dance music, their aim is simple but straightforward: to make your heads bob. Their formula to do so has been the same since their early days: improvisation, never-ending jam sessions, and an open-mindedness towards various genres and styles. This gives their music an organic and vibrant feel. Furthermore, the three boys' long-lasting friendship is at the heart of it all, always relying on what brings them together: their love for music. The KAU cycle is bound to repeat itself and to birth something new - over and over again.

“The Cycle Repeats” is KAU’s debut album on Sdban Ultra, the home of ECHT!, Black Flower, Glass Museum, STUFF. and more. It represents a milestone in the band’s musical journey: their firm decision to present a strong and unified trio playing music that stands out through the combination of 80’s synths, acoustic drums, and electric bass. Moreover, the album succeeds in capturing the energy of their infectious and legendary live shows.

Highlights are album opener “Kampala”, which has a throbbing bassline, jazzy synths and heavily modified arpeggiators at its core. The album’s first single “Little Steps” starts with a strong hip-hop groove, morphing into Herbie Hancock-style chords. “Amulet” is inspired by breakbeats, fast-paced grooves and pentatonic bass lines. Both “Kautokeino” and “Alaska” are an invitation to travel to the utmost remote places of this earth, using intense sequencing and suffocating subbasses into an epic finish, probably demonstrating the trio in its most sincere form.

In short: with André Breidlid on drums, Matteo Genovese on bass, and Jan Janzen on synths, KAU is a trio of childhood friends with a pan-European identity, whose music reflects the city they grew up in: unapologetic, richly diverse and with a spontaneous groove underlining it all. With their new album “The Cycle Repeats” they directly  aim for your dancing shoes and souls.