Oriana Ikomo teames up with MAVEE on single DIVINE NRG, announces EP THE HEALING

Posted on 02/02/2024

Sdban Records proudly welcomes Oriana Ikomo to its label, single DIVINE NRG is a teaser for upcoming EP THE HEALING, scheduled for late March.

With first single DIVINE NRG, Oriana Ikomo and Mavee celebrate the strength and empowerment of feminine energy. Dedicated to the women in their lives, this track is a soulful delight for R&B enthusiasts. The Brussels singer upcoming EP is a powerful testament to personal growth. Through dynamic melodies and strong lyrics, Oriana Ikomo weaves a narrative of transformation, echoing resilience and self-discovery. The diverse musical landscape, blending R&B, Gospel, and Pop, mirrors the richness of her journey. Each track serves as a chapter in the story of empowerment, making THE HEALING more than an EP—it's a profound exploration translated through sound. 

DIVINE NRG is out now, listen here.

THE HEALING will be released on 22 March 2024 via Sdban Ultra.
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