Ahead of the album release at the end of March, De Beren Gieren release second single 'Papir Freedom'

Posted on 08/03/2024

Ahead of the album release at the end of March, De Beren Gieren release second single 'Papir Freedom'.

With Papir Freedom, De Beren Gieren tell a coming-of-age story about paper. At last, paper takes matters into its own hands, escaping the manipulation of humans who embellish and bedazzle it with text, numbers, scribbles, and drawings. We run after it, we try to catch it, but it outsmarts us. Unwritten, the paper allows itself to move with the wind, the coincidences of paper collection, or the urban things finder. What does the paper let itself be guided by? And where to? The Beren Gieren narrated this search and passage like a soundtrack to an old samurai film.

What Eludes Us
For this new full album, the band left aside the unimaginable beauty of the Norwegian fjords and crawled into a dusty recording studio in Bergen harbour. They did so with the celebrated and mysterious producer Jørgen Træen (a.o. Jaga Jazzist), who silently watched over the imperfections and interference as a guiding force behind the adept playing of the electro-acoustic jazz trio.

Full album What Eludes Us by De Beren Gieren will be released on 29 March 2024 via Sdban Ultra.
Pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

Enjoy the accompanying video for this new single: