Oriana Ikomo's new EP is out now!

Posted on 22/03/2024

Embark on a soul-stirring voyage with Oriana Ikomo as she unveils "THE HEALING", an EP that encapsulates the profound metamorphosis she has undergone in recent years. This musical journey is an ode to personal empowerment, and Oriana's resilience echoes through each note and lyric.

The EP unfolds with a powerful, ethereal introduction where the piano and Oriana's soulful voice are in the center. With a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere, she passionately repeats the mantra, "Be kind to the mothers, the sisters, the brothers, to the other," serving as both an affirmation and an important message to the world.

Oriana's sonic palette is a rich tapestry of genres, seamlessly weaving together R&B, Gospel, Ambient, Jazz, Electronic, and Pop influences. Her sound throughout the EP is affirmed and robust, reflecting the strength she has discovered within herself. In each track, Oriana showcases her exceptional versatility as an artist. From the heart-wrenching ‘MAMA, LET’S GO’ to the rhythmically charged ‘IMMA PLEASER’, she navigates effortlessly through different musical landscapes.

"THE HEALING" is not just an EP; it's an invitation to delve into the depths of Oriana Ikomo's soul. Through her evocative lyrics and dynamic melodies, you witness the beauty that emerges from personal growth and self-discovery.

THE HEALING EP is out now, order via the Sdban Bandcamp.