Sdban Records radio show on Kiosk Radio

Sdban Records on Kiosk Radio's Outsiders program

Listen to the very first contribution (there will be more in 2023) we did to Kiosk Radio's 'Outsiders' program that was broadcast last Saturday on It's a carefully selected mix of upcoming/recent Sdban Ultra releases by Bandler Ching, Stellar Legions, Condor Gruppe, Lucid Lucia,... Read more 27/09/2022

Condor Gruppe's new album 'Gulliver' is out now

‘Gulliver’, the latest Condor Gruppe album, is a nod to yet another spiritual journey in the band’s ever-evolving saga. Released 23rd September via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra, the Antwerp-based nine-piece ensemble take you on a hypnotic trip, paying tribute to obscure Italian 70s film... Read more 23/09/2022

Lucid Lucia release fresh new single

Lucid Lucia release 'Reminiscence', the latest taster of their funk-infused debut album ‘Ever-changing Light’, that is due on October 7. Check it out here: 'Reminiscence' is a joyous composition written by Vincent Brijs, celebrating the memories that shape... Read more 16/09/2022

Buy The Dip, the new album by Compro Oro is out now

We are so excited & proud to present 'Buy The Dip', the critically acclaimed new album from Compro Oro music Ghent based latin jazz collective Compro Oro,are set to release new album ‘Buy The Dip’ on the 2ndSeptember via the groove-obsessedSdban Ultra label.Having received critical acclaim for... Read more 02/09/2022

Condor Gruppe share new single 'Rhymes On Our Mind'

Condor Gruppe release 'Rhymes On Our Mind' from their upcoming album 'Gulliver'. Discover the track here: Drawing influences from late 70s to early 80s disco funk and hiphop breaks, the song is Condor Gruppe's invitation to dance. The song's repetition, almost... Read more 26/08/2022