Glass Museum celebrate 1-year anniversary of “Reflet” with a piano rework of “Caillebotis”

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the release of their album "Reflet," Glass Museum unveil a solo piano rearrangement of the opening track "Caillebotis." The piano, carefully prepared to achieve a sonic sensation close to that of piano hammers, is wrapped with fabric between the hammers and the strings, creating a muted sound that feels intimate to the listener. The notes resonate with... Read more May 25 2023

All Things Sdban part 2 with schroothoop & Dishwasher_

After a great night with Bandler Ching and Adja, we are very excited for the second edition of All Things Sdban on May 17. The event, in partnership with Democrazy, will once again take place at De Centrale in Gent and will feature performances by new and promising acts, as well as exclusive merchandise, vinyl, and DJ sets. On the bill: Dishwasher_ and schroothoop. DISHWASHER_ Dishwasher_ are the... Read more May 11 2023
Mayli Sterkendries

ECHT! finally release Sink-along

Futuristic Brussels based four-piece ECHT! are set to release their sophomore album ‘Sink-Along’ on the 5th May via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra label. Receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6 Music) and Mixmag for their debut release ‘INWANE’ (2021), ECHT! takes the best of  Jonwayne, DJ Rashad, J Dilla, Ivy Lab, Tsuruda and Aphex Twin, resulting in an... Read more May 05 2023

Announcing Hip Holland Hip: Modern Jazz In The Netherlands 1950 - 1970

We're very excited to announce our next compilation: Hip Holland Hip: Modern Jazz In The Netherlands 1950 - 1970  Delve into the Dutch jazz scene of the 1950s and 1960s with a selection of classic and rare hard bop and cool jazz tracks from artists like Herman Schoonderwalt, the Diamond Five, Wessel Ilcken and Tony Vos. Holland never sounded this hip before! “Jazz is garbage and a caricature of... Read more April 27 2023

schroothoop Make Mix for Palestine based Radio Alhara

To celebrate the release of their latest album MACADAM, schroothoop made a mix of tracks that influenced and inspired them, throwing in some of their own music as well. The result? A balanced mix with all sorts of tunes by Lucrecia Dalt, OKI, El Khat, Dijf Sanders and more. Schroothoop is a Bxl based trio making global sounding jazz from homemade instruments built from lost and found objects like... Read more April 17 2023