Bandler Ching release a second teaser of their latest album 'Coaxial'

After a period of exploration, the Bandler Ching are set to release their debut album ‘Coaxial’ on January 27 via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra label. ‘Dag Na Naamdag’ is the second single from the album. A track composed collectively, highlighting the progressive side of the band and shows a nice mix of electronic and acoustic elements. Inspired by warm wintery memories and wild summery dreams... Read more December 05 2022

A first glance at Adja's debut EP

Adja is Brussels-based creator, singer and performer Adja Fassa, an artist rapidly making a name for herself in Belgium and a multidisciplinary with big plans. On the 24th February, she is set to release her debut EP ‘IRONEYE’ via the groove-obssessed Sdban Ultra. We get a first glimpse in the form of the intriguing track 'Told you so'. About the single, she states: “‘Told you so’ is a song... Read more November 25 2022

The vinyl of 'Gulliver' by Condor Gruppe has finally arrived

After a delay of two months, we're delighted to say that the vinyl for Condor Gruppe's 'Gulliver' has now arrived at the warehouse. As of November 25 the album will be available everywhere and can be ordered from our Bandcamp. Order now: November 23 2022

Listen to the second 'Outsiders' show we did on Kiosk Radio

Outsiders is the live global programme of Kiosk Radio, hosted by labels, collectives, agencies, venues, clubs, ... worldwide and we're very happy to be part of it. Sdban Records did a first show on September 24 and the second show was aired on November 19. After highlighting the Sdban Ultra label in the first episode with new releases, this time around we've put the classics in the spotlight with... Read more November 23 2022

Sdban slipmats on sale now

Sdban slipmats!  Record diggers can rest assured as we have slipmats now. Design by Visuals Internationals and manufacturing by Airborne Vinyl. Get yours now! November 15 2022