ECHT! release second teaser of upcoming album

Posted on 14/03/2023

Futuristic Brussels based four-piece ECHT! are set to release their sophomore album ‘Sink-Along’ on the 5th of May via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra label. Receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6 Music) and Mixmag for their debut release ‘INWANE’ (2021), ECHT! takes the best of  Jonwayne, DJ Rashad, J Dilla, Ivy Lab, Tsuruda and Aphex Twin, resulting in an unrivalled sound. On Friday they released a new single called ‘Mtwk part 2’.

In a society geared almost exclusively toward the technological, ECHT! forges a different path, one that instead replaces the mechanical with the human. At the heart of their creative process made up of actual skin and bone, the influences of trap, bass music, jazz and hip-hop burst forth through their expert playing of instruments.

Second single ‘Mtwk part 2’ is typically one of those songs that pops up when you’re in the middle of the process of creating new material : a happy accident that became something more than originally intended. It’s a dance song with a linear progression merging effects, sounds and lines that intertwine with each other. It is constructed like some Footwork tracks, but with a slower tempo.

« You’ll have to wait for the album to come out to hear the first part but we liked the idea to have a song in two parts in an album and you’ll see that the link between those two is actually not that obvious. Each of them tells a different story and can stand by itself but if you try to put those two tracks together you’ll see that, as a whole, they become something else.  In the end it made sense for us and we like that little mystery connection for the listener. »